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Akame GA Kill Season 2: Release Date, Main Characters & Where to Watch [2021]

Are you eagerly waiting for Akame GA Kill Season 2? Here is what we know about Akame GA Kill Season 2 release date, main characters and where to watch Akame GA Kill Season 2 in 2021.

What is Akame Ga Kill? 

Akame Ga kill is an action, dark fantasy manga series, which is written by Takahiro, and Tetsuya Tashiro was its illustrator. It was published in Square Enix from March 2010 to December 2016. The first season aired on 7th June 2015 and continued until 15th December 2015. The series was directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, produced by Square Enix, written by Makoto Uezo. Season 1 of the series has 24 episodes. It revolves around the group named Night Raid who are assassins and they are on the mission to save the capital from the evil emperor.       

Akame Ga Kill season 2 release date

There is no confirmed news on the release date of season 2 but it is expected to release in 2021.

Akama Gill Season 2 expected storyline: The first season was highly criticized because of its deviation from the Manga series and therefore it is expected that season 2 will be more based on the manga. As Akama continues her journey for the betterment of the capital and in search to bring Tatsumi into his human form, it is expected that in season 2 Tatsumi may return to his human form.

Akame Ga Kill Season 2 would possibly have 12 episodes.  

Akama Ga Kill Season 1 summary:

The season 1 story of Akame Ga Kill revolves around a young warrior Tatsumi who comes to the capital with his two best friends in order to support his family back in the village and to join the army.

He joins a rebel group Night Raid which is a group of assassins that recruits new people to join them in their freedom struggle from corruption in the capital. The Night Raid consists of Akame who is a swordswoman, Leone the fighter, Mine the sniper girl, Sheele, Lubbock who is the string manipulator, Bulat, and the leader of the group Najenda who is the ex-general of the army.

Their fight is against Honest, the prime minister of the capital. The group carries Teigu which is a weapon 900 years old curated from rare materials and Danger Beasts (animals). Night Rain kills one of the Honest members but Sheele dies in the conflict against Esdeath, the general of the army. Esdeath replaces some of her army members with Teigu using warriors known as Jaegers.

Night raid also recruits Susanoo and Chelsea. The two groups have a fight between them and lose some of their members from both sides. Honest makes a security force Wild hunt controlled by Syura his son.

Wild Hunt kills many innocent people. Lubbock kills Syura and then Lubbock then gets killed and Tatsumi is sentenced to life imprisonment. Due to the fight, the danger Beast from which Incursio is made was awakened and after a few times of use, he would engulf Tatsumi.

Afterward, Tatsumi uses his transformation in the battle with the emperor’s Teigu and asks Akame to kill him as soon as his motive is fulfilled, and then afterward it is revealed that she saved Tatsumi and killed the soul of danger Beast.

At last, Honest is killed in a flight, and Emperor is publicly executed and Esdeath also commits suicide. Najenda tries to restore the nation. Tatsumi returns to his village in dragon form and Mine gives birth to their baby. Akame works for the betterment of the country and finding ways to bring back Tatsumi in his human form.

Akame Ga Kill characters and their specialties. 

Akama: She is one of the most powerful members of Night Raid and the only Night Raid who survive to see the freedom of their nation. She has a sword that can defeat the enemy in just one hit. She was sold by his father to the emperor and was brought up as an assassin, She defeats Esdeath in a fight. She also saves tatsumi from his transformation.

Tatsumi: He is one of the protagonists of the series and a very tough Night Raid assassin.At the end, he defeats the emperor. He has very great fighting skills.

Susanoo: One of the members of Night Raid and is an Imperial arm, a Teigu which is very rare.

Bulat: He is also one of the members of Night Raid. He proves himself as a fearless warrior and after his death, he gives his teigu and position to Tatsumi.

Leone: She is one of the strongest fighters of the Night raid and has a belt which is her imperial arm which gives her powers of High speed, Reflex, and strength, and a unique strength to regenerate.

Mine: She is also one of the members of Night Raid, and she has a Teigu named Pumpkin.

Lubbock: Member of the Night Raid. His teigu is called has Infinite use: Cross Tail, which allows him to make a lot of wire traps which he uses in the battle against his enemies.

Chelsea: A member of Night Raid, She is considered an average warrior but she has an imperial arm which allows her to change her shape.

Sheele: She is one of the members of the Night Raid and the first one to die in the battle. Her Teigu is a pair of scissors. 

Najendra: She is the head of Night Raid and she is not powerful in terms of  physical strength but she is the brain behind every operation of Night Raid.

Prime minister Honest: Antagonist of the series and the prime minister of the empire and syura’s father.He is like the typical corrupt politician who wants to maintain his power for his own good and not for the betterment of the empire. He killed the previous prime minister and his wife and manipulated their son.

Emperor Makoto: He is a young and naive boy who was manipulated by Honest. He has an imperial arm named “Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer” which is one of the powerful Teigu which has the power to destroy the whole army in a single energy beam.

EsDeath: She is one of the most powerful generals of the Empire. Esdeath has an imperial arm called the “Demon God Manifestation”. She also has the ability to freeze time. Later in the series, Esdeath falls in love with Tatsumi. In the end, she freezes herself to death.

Where to Watch Akama gill season 2:

Season 1 can be watched on Netflix, Amazon prime, and Crunchyroll, and season 2 may also be seen on these platforms. 

Netflix URL:



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