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Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – Complete List (May 2020)

This is the ultimate collection Anime Fighting Simulator codes for May 2020.

Roblox Anime Simulator Game is a popular combat game where you can train the characters to become best fighters. You may have to use weapons and swords which can be accessed through different codes. These codes unlock currency required to purchase these weapons and hence, to be super fighters. 

These are the codes which are valid and can be activated in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator for May 2020:

  • astounding225: You will be given Chikara shard as a reward with this code.
  • TwitterRewards You can redeem Chikara Shard with this code
  • mighty200k: This code can be used to redeem Chikara Shards.
  • 1seventy5kay: You will get a Chikara Shard with this code.
  • impeccabletwo75: NEW Chikara Shards
  • fav75: 500 Yen
  • sub2tplanetmil: 500 Yen
  • subtomrrhino: 500 Yen
  • sub2razorfishgaming: 500 Yen
  • subtokelvingts: 500 Yen

If you have signed up for a new server or created your own server to play Anime Fighting Simulator, then you can use these codes:

  • 10klikeswow: 400 Yen
  • ty41milvisits: 200 Yen

These are the active and valid codes to redeem different rewards and currency in Anime Fighting Simulator game. Some codes get expire after sometime. They cannot be used further in order to claim rewards. The expired codes are:

  • Chikara Shards: one50klikes
  • Chikara Shards: ty4100k
  • Chikara Shards: christmas19
  • 500 Yen: 50fantastic
  • 500 Yen: seventyfivek

How to Redeem Anime Fighting Simulator Codes:

  1. Click on the last of the buttons in the left side of the screen. This button is the “Twitter” button. It has a blue bird as its icon.
  2. A box will appear on the screen, in which you can type your code.
  3. Type your code correctly on the column given and clock on “enter”.
  4. You will get the reward for your code and you can enjoy it to play the game. 

How to get a Devil Fruit in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Devil fruits grant you different combat skills and abilities in anime fighting simulator. They can be found all around in maps. But it is a tough task to find them, if you don’t have any idea about the necessary codes. There are five fruits in the game—Rubber fruit, Thunder fruit, Quake Fruit, Explosion fruit and Dark fruit. Each of these fruits has three different skills. But first of all, you need to know how to activate these fruits. 

The devil fruits are usually found in cell Arena Island, around the library and on top of the roof of Saitama gym, Titan Island and around the sage platform. In order to activate the fruits,

  • For players using PC, activate the fruits by pressing [7] on the keyboard.
  • For players using mobile phones and alike, press on [FRUITS] at the top of the screen.
  • The three different skills of each fruit can be activated by [C], [X] and [Z] keys.

How to get a Stand in Anime Fighting Simulator?

“Stands” give energy or life for the player. There are 9 different stands in the latest version of the game. Each stand has 4 different set of skills.

You need to buy stands from the loot box with your Chikara Shards. The loot box is next to Giorno, located in the starting zone. You can buy as many “Stand” as you like, depending on the number of Chikara Shards you possess. A “Stand” costs 1000 Chikara Shards. 

  • For PC players, press on [5] to activate “Stands”.
  • For players using mobile phones, press on [STANDS] button on the top of your screen.
  • Each skill of the different stands can be activated by using [Z], [X], [C] and [V] keys. 

How to get Kagune in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Kagune can be used to fight your enemies. There are 4 types of Kagune—Kaneki, Jason, Centipede, and Eto. Each of these Kagune has two different skills.

To get a Kagine, you have to go to the Kagune Loot Box and buy them. Each Kagune costs 1000 Chikara Shards. 

  • For PC players, activate Kagune by pressing [6] on keyboard.
  • For mobile phone players, click on [KAGUNE] on the top of your screen.
  • You can activate each skill of different Kagune by pressing on [Z] and [X] keys. 


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