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Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Release Date, Plot & Latest Update [October 2020]

Are you eagerly waiting for Dragon Ball Super Season 2? In this post, we are going to look at Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Release Date, Plot & Latest Update as of October 2020.

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Dragon Ball Super had its first episode aired on 15th July 2015, and it was a sequel to the popular Dragon Ball series.

The Dragon Ball franchise’s demand is probably why Toei Animation chose to create a new Dragon Ball series with their games and movies.

In no time, it gathered the attention of Dragon Ball fans from around the world. The fans have now had the chance to be as excited as they were when Dragon Ball Super Season 1 was being released.

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball Franchise is one of the biggest hits in the anime business. The fandom is eagerly waiting for the restoration of season 2 owing to its happy ending, and they cannot wait for more Goku-Vegeta action.

It is a big possibility that after Dragon Ball Super Broly, this second season of Dragon Ball Super can perform phenomenally for the viewers.
Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been postponed for a very long time, and now fans are contemplating whether there even is a season 2 in the making.

No new news has been delivered in the most recent months, and that is why we are here with the expected date of release and a plausible explanation for the delay.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Rumors

Immediately after the Dragon Ball Super Movie release, there have been rumors about a new second movie, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

According to Newsweek’s reports, the pre-production of the next arrangement of the series has already begun, and it started in September 2018. The motivation behind why the creation began heretofore was to maintain a strategic distance from the issues with the first series run’s animation quality.

The report also proposes that the creator who was liable for illustrating the Dragon Ball Super’s character models: Broly film, will do likewise for the subsequent portion. Upon hearing the rumors, Toei Animation studio disregarded them immediately. Their Media representative, David Syatt, commented that no scenes are underway at the moment.

There is a buzz around Broly being featured in the second season among the fans, but it is confirmed that it will not be the case. For some time now, we have witnessed the Dragon Ball manga deviating from the original anime plotline; it can be expected that Season 2 will adapt itself into the Mono Arc of the anime.

Another possibility that is under consideration is that Toei Animation might be engaged in creating yet another mythology-based anime series like Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, consisting of 12 episodes. The release dates of this anime series have also given rise to rumors, confusing it with the expected release dates of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2
Dragon Ball Super Season 2
Dragon Ball Super Season 2
Dragon Ball Super Season 2
Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

A confirmed release date for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has not been announced yet.

However, we know that the season is definitely on its way, sooner or later.

The ending of season 1 showed the end of the tournament, with many things still left to be covered, hopefully in the coming season. Toei Animation isn’t engaging in the discussion of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 for the present.

Notwithstanding, after the new arc was presented in the ongoing manga parts, fans can trust that the forthcoming season will follow the same. On that note, fans won’t need to hang tight for a really long time for the second season.

Additionally, Toei Animation and Funimation are looking for the subbed and subbed episodes to air together. The dubbed episodes of the first season were aired in October-November 2019.

Subsequently, it was presumed that the following season would premiere in early 2020. However, the on-going pandemic has completely derailed many anime releases and pre/post production work.

As per sources on Twitter, it is expected that the new season will start airing in 2021, around the months of June and July. Newsweek also states that there were comments regarding the first season feeling a tad bit rushed with respect to the plotline.

Therefore, Toei wants to devote enough time for a better storyline, animation, and character development angles for the second season. This might be causing further delays in the screening of the new season.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Spoilers

The long wait for the arrival of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has led to a lot of anticipation about where the story would lead its characters to. There are many gossips about new characters and plotlines which have been circulated around the web since the first season’s airing. Indisputably, a number of spoilers have made their way into the conversations of the fandom.

The new season is going to open in a new time of Dragon Ball, which presents another horrendous antagonist.

The new arc begins with an opening scene which shows the contenders of Universe 7 train to get more grounded and all the more remarkable.

In the part that follows, Goku and main Dragonball Z characters meet with a Galactic Patrol agent. This agent shares the tale of Moro, the Planet-eater.

The story goes something like this, ” Around ten million years ago, a villain came into space that obliterates the planets and transforms them into dead stars to assimilate its life energy. When the power of 320 worlds is absorbed, Supreme Kai trades most of his divine energy and successfully fixes Moro’s wizardry. “

Yet, fans accept that Moro actually had a lot of fighting capacity in him. Following this, Moro was condemned to life detainment after he was given over to galactic watch.

Although, it appears that he has gotten away, and Galactic Patrol is hunting him down. The second season is expected to revolve around Goku and Vegeta becoming a part of the Galactic Patrol’s hunt down and their battles with Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Expected Plot

The primary focus of Season 1 was the tournament of power arc.

Till now, fans believe that the Moro arc continuing in the manga will become the primary focus of the following season. Moro is a villain who is dreaded by the universes because he absorbs all planets’ life force and feeds off it.

Hearing the legend of Moro, Goku gets eager to meet him face to face. With Vegeta on his side, Goku moves alongside the Galactic Patrol to chase Moro. After a few adventures here and there, they finally get to know about Moro’s whereabouts.

Goku attempts to detect him, but Moro’s shrewdness seems unmatchable. It turns out Moro became acquainted with Goku and Vegeta before they could discover him.

Goku and Vegeta have received some serious training to face Moro, who will finally test if their training was enough to defeat him.

Where to watch Dragon Ball Super Season 2

You can stream Dragon Ball Super Season 2 on Hulu

Funimation Now

Adult Swim


You can also buy the series and download it on Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime Video.

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