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Re Zero Season 2: Release Date DELAYED, New Release Date, Plot And All Updates

Re Zero Season 2 has been much anticipated ever since Re zero season 1 came out in 2016 and it went on to become a massive hit. The first season aired from April 4, 2016 to September 19, 2016. The anime brought best period for lovers who enjoyed it to the fullest. The series got adapted from the a popular 2012 light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki.

Re Zero Season 2

Fans from all around the world connected with its story. The story revolves about Natsuki Subaru and him being able to whisk away to another world. Natsuki had a special ability to die and relive the moments which made the anime a hit.

Fans could connect the story to their feelings easily. Despite the anime adaptation erupting success, fans had to wait for years for its return. But, looks like now we have some hope. Let’s find out all the details about Re Zero  Season 2  Release and latest updates.

Re Zero Season 2 Release Date 

Re Zero Season 2 was originally scheduled to be aired in April 2020. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, anime industry had to suffer too and with that, our hopes to finally have Re zero season 2 release in April got shattered. As per the guidance of the respected authorities, the production and development process is on halt and this is the need of the hour too. 

Re Zero Season 2 delay

On March 9, White Fox studio  officially declared the delay in the scheduled release set in April through a tweet. They too stated COVID 19 Pandemic as the reason.

Although, the series still doesn’t have a fixed date for release. We can still be hopeful as it appears the season’s new air date isn’t too far off. 

As per the anime’s creators, they are expecting to release the new season in July 2020. A tweet from the creators said, ”Currently, we are planning to broadcast from July.

The tweet did not carry any information about exact dates and schedule and no new updates about Re Zero season 2 has been conveyed since then.

However given the ample amount of time it’s been worked on, it is a safe bet to expect the series to come out this year itself.

Re Zero season 2 Cast, Expected Characters

With no official information on hand about Re Zero Season 2, we can’t be sure about exact cast and who will be featured in the new season, but we are quite expecting the old leads to return for the brand new season. 

In the last season, we had Frederica Baumann, ram Beatrice, Otto sumen, patrasche, natsuki Subaru puck, roswaal L mathers and other actors. We may see some new characters too but as of yet we are not sure.

Re Zero Season 2 Plot, Spoilers

Re zero Season 1 ended with Natsuki defeating the Witch cult and the Sin Archbishop of Sloth. So, Re zero season 2 will hopefully keep the story continued.

So, Season 2 will pick up immediately after the battle, and cover Arc 4 of the Light Novel, with title ‘The Everlasting Contract’.

If the series matches with its established pattern, the new episodes will  cover Volume 10 to 15 of the novel. The anime  will finally introduce Echidna ‘The Witch of Greed’. There got to be the awaited entry of echidna, a witch known for greed if they match the pattern.

Re zero Season 2 Trailer

So far a formal trailer has not been released yet, however we may have something. In 2019 White Fox studio released a teaser clip for the next season. 

The teaser depicts a brutal scene with the Natsuki, the main lead, walking between piles of bodies before meeting The Witch of Greed. The video raised the curiosity and also proved that Re zero season 2 release will be worth the wait.


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