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8 Top Health Benefits Of Badam Pisin & 5 Badam Pisin Recipes

Badam Pisin finds its origin way back in the Greek and Roman era. But, for Indians, it is said to originate from tree bark in the form of Gond/Resin.

Those were the golden days when home remedies were part of disease treatment and our grandmother relied on home remedies and used natural products to cure common ailments.

Those used to work magic for us, right? One such magical ingredient is Badam Pisin or Almond gum. The naturally occurring Badam Pisin hides lots of medicinal properties and nutrients with benefits ranging from weight loss to cooling body heat.

Badam Pisin is composed of almost 92.3% carbohydrates, 0.8% of fats and 2.4%of proteins. Highly rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, it is a go to product for home remedies. Let’s find out more about the benefits and I am sure you will be left surprised.

Badam Pisin Health Benefits

Body Coolant

One of the prominent Badam Pisin uses is its ability to act as a natural body coolant. It is used in scorching summers to escape the body heat and keeps the body cool. You can use Badam Pisin to get rid of excessive body heat and symptoms such as red eyes and burning sensation.


Gond ladoos with lots of dry fruits have always topped the item given to a women after pregnancy. And now you know, why! Badam Pisin re-establishes the nutritional value of a female’s body. Not only this, it is used to revive the menstruation cycle to its natural rhythm.


Badam Pisin is used as a combination by many pharmaceutical companies and food companies. Emulsifiers are semi-solid outcome and made using various substances. Badam Pisin is used as in emulsifier for ladoos, drinks and even ice-creams.

For Weight Loss

An amazing ingredient to reduce in your weight loss diet is Badam Pisin. It is very satiating and keeps you full for a long time and thus helps in reducing overall calorie consumption. For losing weight, take Badam Pisin added to skimmed milk.

For treating Acidity

Badam Pisin has a very soothing effect on your stomach and is thus a useful home remedy to treat not only acidity but ulcers too. Mix Badam Pisin with coconut milk sweetened with jaggery and consume as a remedy for acidity and stomach burn.

Skin Care

Blessed with both anti bacterial and healing properties, Badam Pisin health benefits extend to skin care too. Apart from consuming it, it can be applied externally to treat heat boils during summers.


When Badam Pisin is consumed regularly, it fights free radicals that causes premature ageing. Being rich in minerals and protein, it makes an ideal replacement for store bought jellies.


Badam Pisin health benefits is not only confined to summer but extends to the winters too. It provides all the nourishments, specially proteins. It aids in strengthening bones, muscles, ligaments and joints because of its adherence ability.

Badam Pisin Uses : Top 5 Badam Pisin Recipes 

Badam Pisin With Nannari

Take a cup of cold water and add squeeze in lemon juice to it. Add the required amount of nannari sherbet to it and finally top it up badam pisin jelly and enjoy!

Badam Pisin With Lemon & Honey

The recipe is a healthy, low calorie recipe perfect to include in a weight loss diet. To make the drink, squeeze in half a lemon juice to a cup of water in a bowl and sweeten with honey if you prefer. Finally add badam pisin jelly to it and your coolant is ready.

Badam Pisin With Rosemilk

To prepare the drink,  just mix rose syrup with milk and top it up with badam pisin jelly.

For the vegan version, use plant based milks instead of cows milk.

Badam Pisin With Ice Cream

A wonderful recipe for kids. Take a cup of milk, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and blend in a mixer. You can also add few drops of vanilla essence if you wish.

Pour this mixture in a cup and top it with badam pisin jelly and serve chilled.

Homemade Jigarthanda With Badam Pisin

Image Credit: Wildturmeric

Soak sabja seeds in hot water for 15 minutes and strain. In a serving bowl, add the swollen sabja seeds. Top it up with homemade gulkand or add rose syrup. Add chilled milk on top. Finally, add softened badam pisin. Your delicious jigarthanda drink is ready!


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