Thursday, September 24, 2020
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10 Best Isekai Anime You Should be Watching in 2020

Isekai is categorised as fantasy anime where the characters travels from the real world they know to an unknown fantasy world. In Isekai series...

10 Best + Cute Anime Couple You Should Know

Anime Couples make anime shows more watchable and its fascinating to see how their relationships start, evolve and sometimes even end during...

On the air… new single ‘Host of Angels’ from Taylor Henderson

‘Host Of Angels’ is the new single taken from Australian singer songwriter Taylor Henderson’s ARIA #1 smash hit album ‘Burnt Letters’.

Review: Edifier R2000DB Shelf Speakers

Edifier are renown for making high-end, quality audio equipment with that premium touch. So when Nick messaged with...

Interview: Al Lowe

When you look at games throughout history that depict sex, few have managed to do it successfully. One of the earliest (and...

Xbox Live free from July 1st.

Microsoft today announced that for the remainder of the Xbox 360 life cycle access to the Xbox...

Goblin Slayer Season 2: Release Date, Confirmation, and Movie Trailer

Anime ‘Goblin Slayer” is a dark themed anime series and one of the most controversial ones. It is an adaptation of a...

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15 Anime Girl with Glasses You Will Definitely Have A Crush On!

Lets be honest, there is something special about an anime girl with glasses. They look adorable and some of these characters have...

10 Best Place to Watch Anime On the Internet [2020]

Wondering which is the best place to watch anime? Here are 10 best places to watch your favourite anime shows in 2020.

10 Solarmovie Alternatives You Should Check!

SolarMovie Alternatives are websites that allow you to watch movies online, free of cost. The website features has made it easy for...

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