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Letterkenny Cast: Season 9 Release Date & Latest Updates [2020]

Do you want to know more about Letterkenny cast? In this post we are going to look at Letterkenny cast with details on Season 9 Release Dates and latest updates.

Letterkenny is a Canadian comedy series that follows the lives of a community living in the small rural town of Letterkenny and focuses on their escapades as they live the small-town life. The series was created by Jared Keeso, co-written primarily by Keeso and Jacob Tierney, and directed by Tierney. The show has an ensemble cast featuring Jared Keeso alongside Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K. Trevor Wilson. Letterkenny initially began as a YouTube web series called Letterkenny Problems but transitioned to being a TV show through being commissioned by Crave, a Canadian Video on Demand subscription service. The first season began airing in March 2015.

Letterkenny Season 8 with episode titles

S8E01: Miss Fire

The Hicks stand behind Wayne while Reilly and Jonesy carry on looking for the big ship. Stewart decides to step up and change some things.

S8E02: National Senior Hockey Championship

The Hicks continue to show support for their friend, Wayne. The Hockey Players tackle Quebec and Stewart learns a thing or two about fighting.

S8E03: The Rippers

Wayne’s American cousin wants to plan a road trip along the south of the border.

S8E04: Ferda

The Hockey Players inaugurate a men’s club while the skids venture into the city.

S8E05: Yard Sale Saturday

Everybody is bargaining for the best price on Yard Sale Saturday.

S8E06: Holy Sheet

The Hicks lend the Mennonites with chores.

S8E07: Day Beers Day

Katy decides to go on a trip as Letterkenny celebrates Day Beers Day.

Season 9 Release Date

Neither CraveTV nor Hulu has released any news about Letterkenny being renewed for Letterkenny Season 9. This is surprising considering that season 8 was released exceptionally early, to the joy of fans: just three months after season 7 concluded. So, the fact that the creators of Letterkenny have not released any concrete statements regarding Letterkenny Season 9 may seem disheartening at first.

Fans of the series need not panic, however. Jared Keeso had told fans last year that even after season 5, he had 40 more episodes planned for Letterkenny. Post that announcement, three seasons and nineteen more episodes of the show have been released, six episodes in season 6 and 7 each, and seven in the season 8. Fans still have 21 more episodes to look forward to as promised by the series’ creator. Fans can safely expect three more seasons in the future. More good news: all major cast members (Jared Keeso, Nathan Dales, and Michelle Mylett) are expected to reprise their roles for Letterkenny Season 9. 

The creators of Letterkenny had also planned a tour where they would have gotten the opportunity to hold live, one-on-one interaction with the fans. But on March 13, 2020, Keeso confirmed that the tour had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans had held high hopes for Letterkenny season 9 to be released in July 2020. It seems, though, that the Letterkenny season 9 release has been pushed back. We may expect to see the new season happening in late 2020, though no confirmation has been made by either the channel or the series creator. Keeso has stated of his promise for 40 additional episodes that “40 scenes infers manager solidness for the accompanying three years. The truth I didn’t have that for my underlying ten years around here isn’t lost on me.” Though this an indirect way of confirming Letterkenny Season 9 but looking at this passionate proclamation, fans can expect Keeso to make good on his word and give fans what they are dying for: new episodes from Letterkenny Season 9. 

On a side note, season 7 of Letterkenny is out on DVD. So fans can rewatch that as they wait for any news about Letterkenny Season 9.

Fans can also watch the bloopers for Letterkenny recently released by CraveTV:

Where to watch Letterkenny

Letterkenny can be streamed on any of the following online sites:

SBS On Demand:


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