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Fumikage Tokoyami Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Supermoves & Equipment [2021]

Is Fumikage Tokoyami your favorite anime character? In this post we look at Fumikage Tokoyami Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Supermoves & Equipment.

Fumikage Tokoyami, popularly known as the Jet Black Hero: Tsukoyomi, is a pupil in Class 1-An at U.A. Secondary School, preparing to turn into a Pro Hero. 

Fumikage Tokoyami Appearance 

Fumikage Tokoyami has the head of a black bird. The character looks similar to that of a crow or a raven. He is a short youngster with a yellowish snout that is somewhat snared down toward the end and red eyes with tiny pupils. Regardless of his bird-head, in any case, his body is of ordinary human shape, with a rather light complexion. His ensemble comprises a robe, dark, yet colored a dull purple where the light hits it, covering his whole body, just halting mostly down his shins. He wears a dull shirt and some loose jeans under this cape, like the ones Katsuki Bakugo wears in his hero outfit, and a tool belt with a twofold pin clasp.

Fumikage Tokoyami Personality

As genuine and centered as Fumikage is, he is also courageous and honorable. Despite the fact that he doesn’t talk without a doubt, he will straightforwardly disregard questions or demands that appear to be silly. Although, when he has to collaborate with others and work as part of a team, he turns out to be more agreeable, getting his partners out, consoling his trust in them, and expressing gratitude toward them for their exertion. During battles, Fumikage is known to be wild and trustworthy, with his quality and abilities seldom being doubted.  

Fumikage feels a great amount of care towards his companions and tutors, and should they be hurt, Fumikage may wind up feeling angered or resentful, which can prompt dreadful results because of his Quirk being delicate to his feelings. Fumikage likewise has a lot of quietude, monitoring his own cutoff points and understanding when it’s an ideal opportunity to withdraw. He accepts any counsel he gets truly and utilizes it to attempt to enhance his Quirk and capacities. He expresses great resolve and will power to be on the same page as top heroes like Hawks. Fumikage disregards notoriety and worshipful admiration although is prideful enough to not endure being disparaged by others.

Fumikage Tokoyami Abilities

Enhanced Reflexes: Fumikage has inconceivable reflexes. In spite of her boss speed and nimbleness, Fumikage was as yet ready to impede the entirety of Slice’s assaults during their fight and later took advantage of a lucky break to quickly debilitate her.

Enhanced Durability: Fumikage is equipped for withstanding immense measures of harm even without the Dark Shadow. At the Joint Training Arc, Fumikage immediately recuperated from a punch from Dark Shadow (who was heavily under the influence of Vantablack). In Heroes: Rising, Fumikage was covered under rubble after Slice fell a cavern on top of them. In spite of this, Fumikage was before long observed strolling around subsequent to being saved, not at all worn out.

Tactical Intellect: Even however he isn’t simply the most scholastically proficient, Fumikage has substantiated himself to have a vital psyche. He had Dark Shadow protect his group’s vulnerable side during the Human Cavalry Battle and got one of Shoto’s headbands when he had the chance. 

Musical Talents: Fumikage has demonstrated to be exceptionally gifted at playing the electric guitar.

Quirk: Fumikage’s Quirk permits him to show an exhibit shadow beast from his body that he can make appear and contract unreservedly. Dark Shadow’s energy is restricted and can be depleted by splendid light. When Dark Shadow runs out of energy, it withdraws once more into Fumikage’s body. The character, quality, guard, and control of the shadow beast relies upon the absence of light. In brilliant light, Dark Shadow is more fragile and more modest in size, but at the same time has extensive quality and is simpler to control. In complete dimness, Dark Shadow is larger in size, which awards it far more noteworthy power and protection.

Fumikage Tokoyami Super Moves

  1. Black Abyss: Fumikage rigs out Dark Shadow onto himself. He wears like a suit of reinforcement or an exoskeleton. As per Fumikage, preparing Dark Shadow onto himself diminishes his short proximity shortcomings. 
  • Piercing Twiliight Claws: For attacking at great speeds, Fumikage brings out Dark Shadow’s claws. 
  • Covert Black-Ops Arms: Using this, Fumikage augments Black Shadow’s arms and knocks out with them.
  • Abyssal Black Body Sabbath: Fumikage changes from Black Fallen Angel to Black Abyss while keeping up his energy to send a mighty blow.
  1. Black Fallen Angel: It is a strategy that Fumikage concocted under the guidance of the Pro Hero Hawks. Fumikage lays his body on top of Dark Shadow and Dark Shadow utilizes his own levitation forces to hold up Fumikage.
  2. Ragnarok: At the point when Dark Shadow is gathered in dimly lit situations, Dark Shadow’s capacity develops dramatically enough for him to lose control over it. As of now, Dark Shadow’s strength is sufficient to overcome probably the most grounded scalawags in an instant.

Fumikage Tokoyami Equipment

  • Cloak: Fumikage’s Hero Costume incorporates a shroud. It is totally dark under this cloak, making Dark Shadow more grounded. 
  • Claws (only in the film): During his battle against Slice on Nabu Island, Tokoyami was appeared to employ a bunch of gloves with metal claws. These hooks were broken during the fight.

Fumikage Tokoyami Battles

  1. Quick Apprehension Test Arc
  2. Battle Trial Arc
  3. U.S.J. Arc
  4. U.A. Sports Festival Arc
  5. Final Exams Arc
  6. Forest Training Camp Arc
  7. Provisional Hero License Exam Arc
  8. Shie Hassaikai Arc
  9. U.A. School Festival Arc
  10. Joint Training Arc
  11. My Heroe Academia: Heroes: Rising
  12. Endeavour Agency Arc
  13. Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Fumikage Tokoyami Trivia

  • In Fumikage’s name, “fumi” stands for the kanji “step, to walk through” and “kage” for “shadow”. In his surname, “toko” stands for “everlasting” and “yami” for darkness. 
  • Fumikage’s birthday falls a day prior to Halloween (30th October).
  • Due to his beak, Fumikage eats from the sides of his mouth. For a similar explanation, he favors chopsticks for eating. 
  • Fumikage’s appearance and capacities may have been roused by DC Comics’ character Rachel Roth, otherwise called Raven.
  • As per the My Hero Academia Official Character Book 2 Ultra Analysis, Fumikage’s choker is worn to pay tribute to a Pro Hero he venerates, Dark Crystal.

Fumikage Tokoyami Gallery


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