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Himiko Toga: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Battles, Trivia [2020]

Do you want to know more about your favorite anime character Himiko Toga? In this post we look at Himiko Toga’s Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Battles and some fun trivia you never knew.

Who is Himiko Toga?

Himiko Toga is a fictional female character appearing in the Japanese anime series, My Hero Academia. She is one of the series’ primary antagonists and was a part of the Vanguard Action Squad in the League of Villains.

She has been featured in multiple arcs of the show, such as the Forest Training Camp arc, Provisional Hero License Exam arc, among others. When the League of Villains dissolved and merged with the Paranormal Liberation Front to form the Meta Liberation Army, she was appointed as one of the nine lieutenants in it. Himiko is, as of now, responsible for commanding the “Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment: Carmine” alongside Skeptic. Himiko’s quirk is transformation.


Himiko is a slim girl of above-average height. She has ash blond hair which is tied into two messy buns on each side of her head and each bun has a mass of strands falling messily out of them.

She has pale skin and has a natural blush to her cheeks.

Her eyes slant upward slightly, accentuating her soft but sharp features.

She appears to have mild dark circles. Her lips are of a feline shape two and her lower canines are slightly sharper than the rest of her teeth, giving her an overall catlike appearance. Her regular outfit looks like a standard Japanese schoolgirl uniform paired with a red scarf and a cream cardigan.

She also wears knee-length socks and brown formal shoes, as is typical of several Japanese students’ attire. 

Himiko’s villain costume is mostly the same but with a few slight changes to make her outfit better suited for fighting.

She has weapons and knives strapped to various pieces of her outfit and wears a black mask with a devious smile on its print. Her mask is attached to three metal receptacles on each side of her face.

These receptacles are containers in which Himiko collects through small, thin pipes the blood of the people she wishes to turn into. For a while, Himiko wears an eye patch after her right eye sustains an injury during the Meta Liberation Army fight.

She stops wearing it after her eye heals. She also begins wearing a coat gifted to her by Skeptic after Himiko’s coat gets destroyed while combating Curious. 


Himiko has a hyper, almost bipolar kind of personality. She seems happy and excited to an extreme, seen when she is smiling animatedly even after having murdered a person. This is all the more highlighted because she seems to be perpetually blushing.

Despite her cute appearance and seemingly joyous, Himiko’s mood can turn upside down when she is bored or thwarted in her plans. Then she becomes furious and bloodthirsty, looking to eliminate anyone who stands in her way. Himiko has an unusual, warped idea of friendship. She seeks to “become” those she likes (a reference to her quirk of transformation) and feels no qualms tying them up to draw their blood.

For example, she states she “likes” Ochaco and Tsuyu while engaged in combat with them. She tells them that bloodsucking and becoming people is her way of showing “love” towards those she cares about, in place of conventional gestures like kissing and hand-holding. What Himiko does is in her way “normal” to her.

However, Himiko does have a warm and soft-hearted sight. This is shown when she comforts Twice when he feels he caused Magne’s death.

Himiko, like a lot of the villains, wants to create and own a world where they can live and do whatever they please. Himiko looks up to Stain and states that she wishes to “become” (like) him. Himiko is also a confident combatant, secure in her capabilities and strength.

She unhesitatingly poses as a hero trainee and enters a throng of Pro Heroes and student heroes to execute her plan.


Quirk: Himiko’s quirk is transformation. She can transform into whomever she manages to suck blood from. She can impersonate people’s outward appearances and quirks. The duration of impersonation depends on the amount of that person’s blood she has consumed. She can clone a person’s clothes too but has to first remove hers to prevent overlapping. When her quirk is terminated, her disguise dissolves into a grey solution.

Competent combatant: Himiko has excellent reflexes, reaction timing, and is a master at stealth and manipulation. She can beat even Pro Heroes in close-range battle with the help of her lithe, quick attacks, and agile movements. 

Tantojutsu: Himiko is extremely skilled with knives and frequently employs them to initiate attacks on her enemies. She uses them for stabbing at close distance and hurling at long distances. 


Blood drawing system: Himiko wears three canisters on each side of her face which store the blood of the people Himiko wishes to transform into. Himiko draws the blood from her victims using needles and their blood then gets transferred to the canister through a simple but quick suction mechanism. Himiko then drinks the blood through her mask.

The whole mechanism is attached to her utility belt at her waist and is wired in several places to permit the flow of blood to the canisters.

Knives: Himiko’s battle outfit is endowed with several knives. These knives are about the length of her hand and their blades are shorter than the handles but Himiko manages to make effective use out of them and hurls them at her opponents every opportunity she gets.


Forest Training Camp arc: Himiko was a part of the invasion staged by Vanguard Action Squad and fought against Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui as well as in the collective battle of the Squad against the Bakugou Escort Squad.

Hideout Raid arc: Here, Himiko fought alongside the League of Villains against the Hideout Raid Team.


  • In the Japanese dub, Himiko is voiced by Misato Fukuen, while in the English dub by Leah Clark.
  • Her name contains hints to her quirk: her last name has the kanji words for “self” and “migrate” and her first name for “put on” and “somebody.”
  • In the manga, she appeared for the first time in chapter 68 but her quirk was revealed 46 chapters later, though it was hinted at in the beginning too.
  • Himiko is fond of blood and pomegranates.
  • Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia manga series, has admitted he finds Himiko the toughest female character to sketch because of her hairstyle and eyes.
  • Himiko is the youngest member of the League Villains and the only female henchman in the Paranormal Liberation Front.
  • Himiko was originally designed to be a bisexual or potentially pansexual character. It is unclear whether this detail was retained in the final design but the possibility exists as Himiko is shown to take a liking to both Izuku and Ochaco.

Official Handle to Watch Himiko Toga

My Hero Academia can be watched on several online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, Amazon, Crunchyroll, MyHeroAcademiaEpisodes, etc.

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