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Izuku Midoriya: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Battles, Trivia [2020]

Do you want to know more about Izuku Midoriya? In this post, we are going to look at Izuku Midoriya Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Battles, Trivia you should know.

Who is Izuku Midoriya?

Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of the hit Japanese anime series, My Hero Academia. Izuku is a student in class 1-A at U.A. High School, undergoing training to become a Pro Hero. His superhero name is ‘Deku.’ Izuku is born quirkless but later inherits One For All, the quirk of the famous All Might, who gives it to Izuku because of the latter’s courage and strong will. 

Izuku Midoriya Appearance

Izuku has messy dark green hair. He has matching dark green eyes that are round in shape and large in size, giving him an innocent look. He has a set of freckles dotting both his cheeks. Izuku is of slightly below-average height and slender build, though he grows more muscled as his training progresses. In Junior High, Izuku wore a standard plain black uniform and white shoes.

At U.A. High School, he wears the prescribed uniform for male students: white shirt, grey blazer, red tie, but in place of dress shoes he wears red boots. His superhero costume initially is a mint green jumpsuit paired with a red utility belt with boxed pouches on each side of his waist; black elbow pads and black knee pads. He wears red boots as well.

There is also a mint green mask covering his entire skull which has rabbit-like ears on top and holes for eyes. A black strip bearing the design of a large grin covers Izuku’s mouth.

This uniform is a humorous imitation of All Might’s attire. After this costume is partially destroyed after Izuku’s fight with Bakugo in the Battle Trial, the former reverts to wearing his gym attire. This consists of a deep blue full-body jumpsuit with long and wide white lines forming the letters ‘U’ and ‘A’ on it. The gym uniform comes with a respirator.

Izuku’s next battle gear is more appropriate and suitable for combat. Izuku adds lined beige-colored gloves as well as elongated knee pads. To his costume. His respirator also gets an upgrade: it now has 8 holes and is leaden and shaped like a diamond.

Izuku foregoes wearing his mask with this costume. His costume is altered once again during the Provisional Hero License arc to permit the usage of Iuku’s newly discovered technique, Shoot Style, and for this purpose, his boots are given metal soles and arms braces as well as bolts to his knee pads. Later, he also adds support gloves to his attire that aid him in maneuvering his force better.

Izuku Midoriya Personality

Izuku is an extremely kind and thoughtful individual. Initially, when quirkless, he used to lack confidence and often backed into a corner when others made fun of him. These feelings were internalized by Izuku who grew up feeling inferior to Bakugo and everyone else around him. Still, deep inside Izuku remained firm in his belief that he will one day become as great as his idol, the legendary All Might. 

When Izuku inherits One For All from All Might and gets into U.A., he begins to feel confident, and self-esteem blossoms in him for the first time. No longer quirkless but one among many heroes in training, Izuku makes friends and becomes a better student. He performs well during training and perseveres despite the damage using his quirk causes to his body.

While fighting, Izuku is fearless and relentless. No matter how strong the opponents or how low his odds, Izuku never hesitates to go for the win. To him, victory is important if he ever wishes to become like All Might.

The flipside of Izuku’s more daring side in battle is that he tends to become rash and headless. Whenever he sees anybody in danger, his body starts moving to help them before his mind can think. While noble, it can sometimes make matters even worse for Izuku. Izuku, however, manages to balance his reckless side with an analytical and sharp mind and is, thus, able to get out of dangerous situations (mostly) intact.  

Izuku Midoriya Abilities

Intelligence: Izuku has a high-level intellect and thinking capacity.

He can gauge his opponents’ weaknesses and formulate incredible battle strategies in seconds. He has maintained a notebook known as “Hero Analysis for the Future” right from his childhood where he recorded the moves and strategies of all the famous Pro Heroes.

He later uses this same notebook to form analyses of his classmates’ quirks as well, giving him an expansive knowledge of all potential opponents and a mental edge in battle. He is also a keen learner and can unlock the secrets of using One For All in a short time. He is also one of the top students in his class.

Endurance: Izuku has exceptional perseverance and resolve. His durability in battle is both physical and psychological.

Through intense training, his body has learned to withstand injuries and attacks but the main source of his endurance lies in his unbreakable optimism and competitive resolve. Izuku does not give up fighting even after his body does. While this has repercussions for him, it also makes a formidable and unstoppable force.

Increased strength: Apart from endurance, Izuku succeeds also because he has increased stamina. This is displayed when he clears rounds after rounds in the U.A. Sports Festival arc without slowing down. His extremely high threshold for pain and innate power is helped by his calm and balanced thinking as Izuku does not lose his mind even in the most helpless situations, making him able to use his stamina and power to the max. 

Leadership qualities: Izuku has displayed leadership abilities on multiple occasions such as during the cavalry battle. His strategic competency coupled with his naturally empathetic and kind nature makes him likable to others, who feel safe following Izuku’s lead.

Izuku Midoriya Quirk

One For All: Izuku inherited his quirk, One For All, from All Might. It is a legendary force that has passed from hero to hero for generations. It is only given to those deemed worthy of it. One For All is a storehouse of massive raw power, giving God-like capabilities to its owners.

However, it is an extremely potent force, very hard to control, and can be even fatal. This is the reason Izuku’s body undergoes extreme damage before he finally learns to control his power. Then also he can use One For All in moderation, till around 45% of its full potential.

Izuku Midoriya Special Moves

Detroit Smash: An extremely strong punch capable of knocking out opponents in one blow. Variations of this move include 5% and 100% Detroit Smash, Texas Smash, and Wyoming smash, among others.

Delaware Smash: A release of One For All’s force through the flick of a finger. Variations of this include Delaware Smash Air Force and 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash. Other smash-like moves include the Manchester Smash and St. Louis Smash.

One For All (Full Cowl): This happens when One For All fills up the entirety of Izuku’s body, and not some minor body part like a finger. Izuku uses Full Cowl at various percentages such as 20%, 30%, 100%. A variation of this move is Full Cowl: Shoot Style. There are also different stages of suing One For All itself like 30%, 45%, 100%.

Izuku Midoriya Trivia

  • Izuku’s favorite dish is Katsudon.
  • A part of his name, “ku” sounds similar to the Kanji word “kyu” which means nine, indicating Izuku’s position as the ninth hero to inherit One For All.
  • Izuku secured 7th position in the entrance exam for U.A. High School.
  • Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia manga, revealed that Izuku’s character was initially to be named Mikumo Akatani, but the writer felt unsatisfied with it.
  • In the Japanese series, Izuku Midoriya is voiced by Daiki Yamashita, and in the English dub by Justin Briner.
  • His blood type is O.

Izuku Midoriya Gallery

Official Handle to Watch Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia can be watched on several online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, Amazon, Crunchyroll, MyHeroAcademiaEpisodes, etc.

My Hero Academia can be watched on several online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, Amazon, Crunchyroll, MyHeroAcademiaEpisodes, etc.

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