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Jonathan Joestar: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment Battles, Trivia [2021]

Are you a fan of Jonathan Joestar? In this post, we are going to look at Jonathan Joestar: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment Battles, Trivia in 2021.

Who is Jonathan Joestar?

In Jojo’s Bizarre adventure Jonathan Joestar is a fictional character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It was created and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Jonathan Jeostar first appeared on 1st January 1987 in Dio the invader, Phantom1. According to the story, Jonathan Jeostar was born on April 4, 1868, to parents Goerge and Mary Jeostar, after he met his older brother Dio Brando who was adopted and his life changed because of his evil intentions.

Jonathan Joestar Birthday: April 4, 1868

Jonathan Joestar Personality

As a child, Jonathan was very mischievous and gentle. His mother died when he was very young and his friends used to ostracise him and therefore he was very lonely.

When Dio insulted his girlfriend Erina Pendleton he took her side even if he did not know her and it showed her gentleman nature. He respects every individual if they are not evil.

He is very caring towards the people he loves and can go to any extent to save them. He always has a will to save others and bring justice. He saved his wife from a zombie attack and was constantly trying to find the cure for his father’s illness. He firmly stood by what he believed in and never backed out once he committed to anything.

He never harmed anybody without any reason and always considered what his actions will have an impact on others. Even when his brother Dio betrayed him he still loved him and cried for him.

Jonathan studied Stone Mask and archeology.

Jonathan Joestar Appearance

Jonathan 5’6 with a muscular body.

At home, he wears a casual dress with a shirt, a tie with the sleeves rolled up. During his college rugby tournament, he wears a typical rugby dress with a striped red T-shirt and shorts with long socks.

During his ripple training with his master Zeppeli, he wore a top with a sweatband.

When fighting with Tarkus he wore a fitted top with half sleeves And with his fight with Dio he wore a long suit with a shirt, shoulder straps, and a cravat around his neck. 

Jonathan Joestar Abilities 

Athletic: He had an athletic personality and used to play rugby. During his childhood days, he was a boxer. He showed a lot of strength and willpower while fighting with Speedwagon. He had speed and balancing power. His greatest strength is his mastery over doing ripple.

Ripple: He had a mastery over martial arts including ripple which he learned from his master Will A. Zeppeli.

Some of his ripple techniques are.

  1. Zoom punch: It involves stretching arms and joints to punch an opponent with greater strength and through a distance and that is why it is called a Zoomed punch. He learned this technique from Will A Zeppeli. 
  2.  Sendo ripple overdrive: It is a technique in which Jonathan sends a wave which is a ripple in nature through his arm to any solid surface or wall and when this wave hit the opponent he flies in the air and in the case of undead zombies it reaches in their bloodstream and makes it burst.
  3. Scarlet overdrive: Jonathan can make a fireball through ripple from his hand and anything that touches it can catch fire.
  4. Underwater turquoise blue overdrive: Jonathan had the ability to create ripple underwater creating a blast in the water.
  5. Metal silver overdrive: Jonathan had the ability to create ripple waves through the metal surface.
  6.  Life Magnetism overdrive: With the help of Zeppeli, Jonathan can magnetize all the leaves or plants around him and club them to make one giant plant or leaf.
  7. Sunlight yellow overdrive: It is Jonathan’s final and most markable attack in which he launched many ripple-induced punches simultaneously whose power was compared with the power of the sun.
  8. Powers: Jonathan also has the power to walk on water, jumping from heights, and healing powers. 
  9. Intelligence: Jonathan had a high level of intelligence which he used in fighting many battles and strategic planning. He excels in academics also by acquiring a degree in archeology and he also studied a stone mask. 

Jonathan Joestar Battles

Birth of Vampire: After Dio tried to poison his father, Jonathan`with three others came to get him arrested but Dio tried to kill Jonathan with the help of Stone Mask. The fight resulted in Jonathan being hospitalized where he met Erina after a long time and she helped him in his recovery.  

The Final Battle: It is the final battle between Jonathan and Dio. Jonathan met Tonpetty, Straizo, and Dire who are ripple masters. Dio killed Dire through his freezing power. Jonathan attacked Dio with his sword but he escaped it. Then Jonathan tried his infamous sunlight yellow drive on Dio. At last, Jonathan killed Dio with his ripple punch. The group then destroyed the Stone Mask. 

Luck and Pluck: Fight between Jonathan, Dio, and his Zombies Bruford and Tarkus. It was an underwater fight where Jonathan used his Underwater turquoise blue overdrive to fight against the zombies. Jonathan generates a ripple underwater to force Bruford out of the water and then uses sunlight yellow overdrive, and it resulted in Bruforn regaining its human form and giving his sword as a token of respect to Jonathan.

Jonathan vs  Jack the ripper 

Jonathan as a child Vs Dio Brando in their house

Succeeding his master: Fight between Jonathan and Tarkus. In this Zeppeli sacrificed himself and infused his ripple into Jonathan and with the help of this, he defeated Tarkus. He cemented Zeppeli before moving onto his journey.

Jonathan Joestar Equipment

He has clackers as his equipment but he has also occasionally used sledgehammer and gun in his battles 

Jonathan Joestar Trivia 

  1. The main protagonist’s name Jonathan is inspired by a restaurant named Jonathan where the creator and the editor used to meet.
  2. Jonathan resembles Hokuto no Ken Kenshiro in his appearance.
  3. Dio Brando usually uses the word MUDO as a war cry and which means useless in Japanese
  4. The release date of the series was set to be released on the 25th anniversary of the comic “Jojo‘s Bizarre adventure.
  5. Joseph often speaks in English in the series saying words like “Oh no!” and “Oh My God”  
  6. Hirohiko chooses Egypt as the base for Dio because he found the place and the people threatening and fearing during his visit. 
  7. As an ardent fan of western music many characters’ names are inspired by musicians.

Where to watch Jonathan Joestar cartoon

Jonathan Joestar can be watched on Netflix


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