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Kakashi Hatake: Age, Personality, Abilities, Face & Death [July 2021]

Is Kakashi Hatake one of your favorite anime characters? In this post, we are going to look at Kakashi Hatake Age, Personality, Abilities, Face & Death.

Kakashi Hatake is a character in Naruto Shippuden and is very popular among anime fans.

Who is Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is a character in Naruto Shippuden, a popular Manga series from Japan. He is one of the most talented ninjas of Konoha. Kakashi takes on the role of the mentor and teacher of a team of 7 people which includes the main characters Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Harura, Sasuke Uchiha, and others.

He teaches his students teamwork, which he considers an essential trait that he himself learned from his childhood friend Obito Uchiha. 

Kakashi Hatake Personality

Kakashi had been independent and self-confident since his childhood which often made people around him think of him as arrogant. He was also very perceptive and was quick in realizing the situations around him.

However, after his father passed away, he became even colder to people. He followed all the rules and rebuked those who did not follow the rules. Such was his sternness, that he was ready to abandon his comrades if they did not aid in finishing the mission. 

In his adulthood, he had a more carefree attitude and did not get bothered by anyone. His reputation and prowess as a ninja were becoming increasingly popular but he showed no pride or arrogance. He was always late and only came to the event if he wanted.

He would also leave in an unconvincing manner. He did so purposefully to make people believe this is how he was, but he acted in this way only for unimportant matters.

In reality, he was much different. He would speak in a straightforward manner and would ignore his classmates when he walked across them.

He was mostly alone and spent most of his time visiting the grave of Rin Nohara or the memorial stone which has Obito Uchiha’s name engraved.

He talks to these inanimate objects about what his life is at Konoha, his regrets and his blaming himself for being the reason for their deaths. 

He also experiences post-traumatic stress disorder after Rin passed away and felt depressed whenever people mentioned her name. His guilt was a serious issue to him. Once he started accepting that Rin chose to die, he blamed himself for breaking the promise he made to Obito about keeping Rin safe.

He blames himself for not caring about teamwork and friendship when Obito was alive. 

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kakashi funny moments

Kakashi Hatake Chakra & Abilities

When Kakashi was first admitted, his chakra reverses were not that great. He was only able to use the Lightning Cutter four times and the Kamui three times in a day.

He makes up for this by performing with it superb control and being to perform it with one hand. As Part II progressed, Kakashi was able to increase his reserves. This was seen in the final battle of the Fourth Great Shinobi War where he performed with little to no strain or exhaustion.

In the following years, he was able to create and maintain four collective massive walls and also use his Purple Electricity many times. He can attack his enemies suddenly from behind without being noticed and has sharp reflexes to block attacks on himself.

He can also wield Kubikiribōchō with one hand without being affected. 

His abilities have also been recognized by other established and powerful ninjas. He is said to have mastered all the three skills required to be a ninja. Naruto Uzumaki said that Kakashi is smarter, has a better sense of smell, and good taijutsu skills. Being able to use his technique for intimidating and distracting is Kakashi’s genjutsu prowess. 

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Kakashi Face

Kakashi Face
Kakashi Face

Kakashi Face without mask

Kakashi Face without Mask

Why did Kakashi kill Rin

Kakashi did not intentionally kill Rin.

Rin was captured by the Hidden Mist while they were on a mission.

They turned her into the 3 Tail’s Jinchuuriki.

Their plan was to have Rin return to Konoha and wreck havoc there, ultimately killing Rin after their purpose was served. When Rin learned of this devilish plan, she wanted to kill herself to avoid making their sinister plan successful.

Unable to kill herself, she jumped in front of Kakashi’s Chidori which led to her death.

Her death was what she herself wanted but the way it happened put a lot of guilt on Kakashi, who blamed himself for the unfortunate event. 

How old is Kakashi

Kakashi is 30 years old in Naruto Shippuden

Why does Kakashi wear a mask

Kakashi always wore a mask because he did not want anyone to see him with a nosebleed.

Nosebleed in anime indicates that the character is having adult or indecent thoughts, and Kakashi was a fan of romance novels. So maybe he knew that since he cannot his thoughts, it’s best to wear a mask at all times. 

The mole on his chin also got covered with the mask, so this completed two purposes. 

How old is Kakashi in Boruto

Kakashi was 48 years old in Boruto

Does Kakashi die or Kakashi Death

Kakashi Hatake, who is the main character of the manga, dies in the 159th episode in the 8th season.

The episode was titled “Pain vs Kakashi”.

Pain was an alias of Nagata, a character whose only aim was to capture all the tailed beasts who inhabited the Shinobi world. Since Kakashi had used up all his chakras and powers while trying to defeat Pain, he could no longer fight back.

He also made a shadow clone to try to fool Pain and emerge from the other side. His trick was caught on quickly by Pain, who flung a nail from the wood aiming it towards the head of the real Kakashi. This led to his ultimate death. 

When does Kakashi become hokage

Kakashi became a Hokage in episode 479 titled “Naruto Uzumaki”.

He became the sixth hokage and succeeded Tsunade. He did not want to become a hokage himself but was chosen for his skills and experience.

When Tsunade, the fifth hokage was in a coma after fighting with Pain, a new hokage had to chosen because Konohagakure was left without a Kage. However, soon after, Tsunade woke up, much to the relief of Kakashi.

Later after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi was officially crowned as the sixth hokage by Tsunade. 

Kakashi son

There are some anime fans discussing the possibility that Kakashi has fathered only one son name Ken Hatake with Mina. Other than that he has not been shown to have any other son or child.

However, as per official records, Kakashi has not fathered any son.

He was not shown to have such kind of relationship with any other female after what happened to Rin. Ken is very handsome and attracts a lot of female attention. He appears to have a cold persona but in reality, is very friendly and warm.

He is also disliked by a lot of people who are of the opinion that he takes advantage of the fact that his father is Kakashi, the sixth hokage. He is however unbothered by these allegations.

Ken has a high IQ just like his father. He hides most of his abilities from others and only shows them to his father. He does so because he wants to avoid unnecessary hassles. He is very close to his father and the two maintain a friendly relationship.


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