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Mina Ashido: Personality, Abilities, Major Battles, Fun Facts You Never Knew [2020]

Are you a fan of Mina Ashido? In this post, we are going to look at Mina Ashido Personality, Abilities, Major Battles, Fun Facts You Never Knew.

Who is Mina Ashido?

Mina Ashido or Pinky is a female character in the anime series, My Hero Academia. She is a student in the Class 1-A in U.A. High School. She is in training to become a Pro Hero, a person who is permitted by law to use their superpowers (quirks) to protect the common citizens from any kind of evil occurrences. She is 15 years old when she first appears in the series. Mina is voiced by Eri Kitamura in the original Japanese series of My Hero Academia and by Caitlin Glass in the English dub. 

Mina Ashido Appearance

Mina Ashido is of medium height (approximately 5’3”) and has a healthy body with slightly wide-set thighs. Mina’s quirk is creating an acid-like corrosive liquid from her skin which causes her skin to appear as a shade of light pink. Mina has a square set of eyes with stark black sclera and yellow irises. She has a long set of lower eyelashes, making her eyes appear extra large.

Her hair is cropped short and a shade of pink darker than the skin of her body, but light pink nonetheless. She has a pair of yellow, crooked horns on the sides of her head.   

In school, she wears the normal U.A. High School uniform prescribed for female students. In her superhero avatar, she wears a no-shoulder purple and dark green body tight suit paired with a sleeveless deep yellow waistcoat which has a tuft of fur in the place of a collar.

On her feet, Mina wears purple and cream-colored boots which are custom made and rigged with holes in strategic places to allow acid to secrete out of her feet during fights. The winter version of Mina’s costume is almost the same as described above.

The winter version simply has a waistcoat with longer sleeves. The fur lining the collar of her waistcoat is also denser and almost touches her chin. This costume has a P (for ‘Pinky’) stitched on to a hexagonal patch on each of her shoulders.   

Mina Ashido Personality

Mina Ashido has an easygoing and jolly attitude. She is almost always wearing a smile on her face. She has an extroverted personality and loves any chance to hang out and spend time with her friends and is very sociable.

She is very skilled at dancing and has a perfectionist outlook towards it. As a result, she becomes very strict whenever teaching anyone how to dance, contrary to her usual laidback attitude. She is very brave and self-sacrificing and is regarded as having the ideal emotional state for a hero.

In middle school, she protected her peers from bullies and is willing to even put her life on the line if it means innocent lives will be saved. She is a bit of a romantic by heart and curious about other people’s relationship status.

Because of this, she is thought to be a little airheaded by her classmates. In terms of academics, Mina is an underachiever who usually performs poorly but is someone who can, with efficient tutoring, score very good marks.  

Mina Ashido Abilities

Mina Ashido Special Moves: Mina Ashido’s special moves include:

  1. Acid Shot: Acid Shot is a move that consists of Mina from a height firing her acid in the form of bullets at her opponents down below. The acid bullets make for a powerful attack.
  2. Acid Veil: Acid Veil is a protective shield made of acid that Mina creates through increasing the thickness and stickiness of the acid she secretes. The shield is an effective defensive tool.
  3. Acidman: By thickening the texture and consistency of her acid, Mina is able to create an acidic barrier that envelops her body and develops a semi-anthropomorphic form. Mina’s use of the Acidman is a formidable protective method.
  4. Acid Layback: Through the holes of her custom-made boots, Mina produces acid causing the ground underneath to corrode and facilitating her spinning movement. The faster she is able to spin the more acid she is able to spew on her opponents. This too is an ingenious move that lends Mina an advantage over those she fights. 

Mina Ashido Stats: Mina Ashido’s battle, combat, and overall stats are detailed below:

Speed: 4/5

Power: 3/5

Technique: 5/5

Cooperativeness: 4/5

Intelligence: 1/5

Mina Ashido Equipment

  1. Acid proof superhero suit: Mina’s purple and deep green body tight suit is resistant to the corrosive power of the acid she secretes from her skin. Thus, whenever she needs to form an Acidman around herself, the suit is able to withstand the corrosive impact of the acid. 
  2. Acid proof shoes: Mina’s unique cream and purple boots have holes in the soles. The shoes are also not liable to be dissolved under the acidic influence, so Mina can use them to glide over the acid she secretes from her feet to increase the speed of her spins. 

Mina Ashido Major Battles

  1. Quick Apprehension Test: The Quick Apprehension Test was a class assessment devised by the teacher Shota Aiwaza on the students’ very first day. The students had to as part of the evaluation process complete 8 rounds of tests that varyingly tested their strength, power, and stamina. Acid placed 6th in the 50-meter dash and ranked 9th overall among all the other students of Class 1-A.
  2. Battle Trial: The Battle Trial was a fighting exercise that occurred during the first Foundational Hero Studies course. Students got to wear their superhero costumes for the first time during this. Mina was a part of Team E which competed against Team F. 
  3. U.S.J. Incident: The U.S.J. incident was an ambush of the Class 1-A by the League of Villains as an attempt to eliminate All Might. Here too Mina fought alongside the academy’s other students and checked over the condition of the Rescue Hero: Thirteen who got defeated by Kurogiri who effectively countered his black hole quirk by making a warp gate.  

Mina Ashido Fun Facts

  • In her initial character design, Mina had a lankier form, albeit her hero costume was pretty much the same. This earlier design also envisioned her with longer, straighteners horns and medium-length hair. She was also to have rounder eyes.
  • She is considered an above-average fighter in Class 1-A and is a formidable combatant, especially among the girls. 
  • Her favorite things to eat are natto and okra.
  • Mina’s last same sounds phonetically similar to the Japanese word for ‘acid.’
  • Alien Queen, Mina’s initial choice as her superhero alias is a reference to the Alien film, whose central female protagonist is Ellen Ripley who fights an alien-creature possessing acidic fluid.
  • Caitlin Glass, the voice actor for Mina in the English dub of My Hero Academia, is also the voice-over artist for the child version of Kai Chisaki.

Mina Ashido Quotes

“The old you’s not going anywhere with that emo look on your face! If you overcome that gloomy self of yours…let me know.”

“That’s not it, Midoriya!! You gotta do it more like this!! The lock in locking is spelled L-O-C-K!

“I wanna know what’s wrong with him. In the head.”

Mina Ashido Gallery

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