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Nana Shimura: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment Battles, Trivia [2020]

Who is Nana Shimura?

A close friend of Gran Torino, Nana Shimura, was the seventh person to use the One For All Quirk. She was also All Might’s former mentor.

Nana Shimura Appearance


Nana is depicted as a delightful woman with a very strong aura around her.

She was a tall lady of thin yet amble outline. She had a solid built with a fair skin tone.

There was a little mole beneath her base lip, focused to one side, and sharp, smart eyes with long eyelashes. Her hair was dim and straight, kept mid-length except for a cluster of short bangs hanging over her brow, and was typically styled in a half-up-half-down bun. 

A dark-colored sleeveless bodysuit with yellow elbow-length gloves, a high collar and white knee-high boots comprised her hero outfit. She wore a belt around her waistline with a brilliant golden buckle and a little cape connected around the back.

This hung down to her knees, and she has a cape around her shoulder which is fastened to her bodysuit.

Nana Shimura Personality

Nana was a benevolent lady with solid morals of equity and justice.

She firmly accepted that a genuine hero should keep a smile on their face, regardless of how horrid the circumstance, since individuals who need saving require not only for their lives to be secured exclusively but also their hearts and minds.

She depicted great sympathy and enthusiastic resilience. In addition to this, she was a caring mother to her child before she faced death at the hands of All For One and was demonstrated to be merciful, encouraging, and supportive of him.

Notwithstanding, to her own child Kotaro’s viewpoint, she was reasonably evil. In a flashback scene of Tomura’s adolescence, he runs over an image of Nana in his dad’s room alongside his sister, Hana.

When Kotaro discovered the revelation of the image, it is shown that Nana relinquished young Kotaro because of her inabilities and repercussions from her heroic life. She was unable to deal with him and cater to his needs appropriately. Nana did this obviously for Kotaro’s prosperity, yet it wound up the other way.

Kotaro clearly despised his mother for leaving her family.

Even though she at first viewed Toshinori Yagi’s wish to be an image of harmony as somewhat insane because of him being Quirkless, she, in any case, carried the issue up with her confiding companion Gran Torino.

Therefore, she took Toshinori as her student and descendant, which is a demonstration of her open nature and confidence in the capability of others.

Nana Shimura Abilities

  • Overall Abilities: Nana’s capacities are generally obscure; nonetheless, she is viewed as an incredible Hero by influential people, for example, All Might and Gran Torino. She could not sufficiently overcome All For One, although she does not possess any specific weaknesses. 
  • Trained Muscles: Utilizing One For All requires the individual to have healthy and solid muscles, as One For All is a ton to deal with and could make the individual’s body be blown into pieces in the event that they don’t have the vital quality of the strength required. 

Nana Shimura Quirks

  • Float: Nana’s Quirk allowed her the capacity to suspend herself in mid-air. It is as of now obscure whether she had the option to move while levitating.
  • One For All: Nana’s subsequent Quirk, One For All, was transferred to her from the 6th user. It permitted her to store a gigantic measure of crude force, making her fundamentally upgrade every last bit of her actual capacities to a superhuman level. This leads to inconceivable degrees of solidarity, speed, readiness, and sturdiness.

Nana Shimura Equipment

Nana did not possess specific equipment like typical anime heors. Her hero suit can is essential during battles and training but is not an equipment as such. 

Nana Shimura Battles 

Nana Shimura Vs. All For One: To annihilate One For All and its heritage, All For One hunts down the seventh torchbearer, Nana Shimura and her student Toshinori Yagi. All For One, without much of a stretch, overpowers the heroes and legends on how to corner Nana and Toshinori. He manages to stand over them on a harm’s transformed land.

Dreading the worst, Nana pushes Toshinori out of damage’s way. Gran Torino flies utilizing his Jet Quirk and gets a hold of Toshinori prior to taking off. Nana advises Toshinori to live on and have her spot, and she asks Sorahiko to make his wishes work out. Toshinori only cries as he’s hauled away from the fight. 

All For One expresses gratitude toward Nana for giving quality satire and brings her to an end with a large flash of lightning.

Nana Shimura Trivia

  • “Nana” is the Japanese word for “seven,” which highlights that she was the seventh hero to become the user of One For All. 
  • Her names contain the kanji for motivation, will, assurance, goal and desire.
  • “Nana” is likewise a typically affectionate nickname for a grandma in a few dialects, referring to her being Tomura Shigaraki’s grandma in the real sense just as two ‘ages’ of One For All users before Izuku.
  • Currently, Nana is also the only known female user of One For All.

Nana Shimura Gallery

Nana Shimura Death

You can watch how Nana Shimura dies in All Might Rising and it is said that the voice actor who gave voice cried after this recording session.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nana Shimura

Who is the son of Nana Shimura?


How did Nana Shimura die?

Nana was killed by All For One in a fight. You can watch the video above to know how Nana Shimura dies.

Is Shigaraki related to Nana Shimura?

Yes, he is grandson of Nana Shimura.

Is Nana Shimura still alive?

Based on latest updates on One For All, Nana Shimura’s spirit works to stop her grandson’s murderous intentions.


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