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Ochaco Uraraka: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Super moves, Equipment & Trivia [2020]

Do you want to know more about Ochaco Uraraka? In this post, we are going to look at one of the best characters in My Hero Academia-Ochaco Uraraka including her Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Super moves, Equipment and some lesser known trivia.

Who is Ochaco Uraraka?

Ochaco Uraraka is a fictional female character appearing in the hit Japanese anime series, My Hero Academia. She is a student of class 1-A in the U.A. High School, a prestigious institute that admits only the best students and trains them to become Pro Heroes. Ochaco too is a student undergoing training to become a Pro Hero. her quirk is levitation by touch. She is the tritagonist of My Hero Academia.

Ochaco Uraraka Appearance

Ochaco is a girl of average height and slim build. She has a small, round face and seems to be always blushing. She has large, evocative eyes of auburn color. Her straight hair is of a brown shade and is short in length, curving inwards at the ends.

On the sides of her face, she has shoulder-length bangs that hang down freely. Near her fingertips, Ochaco wears small paw-like pink pads which help her activate her power. During class hours, Ochaco wears the standard female uniform prescribed for U.A. High school students.

The only difference in Ochaco’s school outfit is that she covers her legs with black tights instead of wearing socks like the other female students.

Ochaco’s superhero costume is a tight black bodysuit cut off by a pink strip of cloth down her torso. The skin-hugging nature of her bodysuit is something Ochaco says she did not ask for in her costume request.

Ochaco wears a deep pink choker and her costume has a pink design on the shoulders enjoined by deep pink armbands. She wears thick pink wrist guards attached to deep pink handles. Ochaco also wears flamboyant, extra-large knee-length pink boots and a double belt around her waist to complete her outfit.

Her accessories have been placed on certain parts of her body to pressurize her acupuncture points. Ochaco’s costume gets an upgrade during the Hero Studies arc, and she begins wearing ringed arm gauntlets capable of ejecting grappling hooks. She also stops wearing the glass face shield she used to wear.

Ochaco Uraraka Personality

Ochaco has a bright, lively, and cheerful personality. She is relaxed and chilled out to an extent that her classmates think of her as an airhead, though this is not mostly true.

Ochaco has a kind, considerate heart and the innate gift of befriending everyone she meets and making people warm up to her. She saved Izuku for tripping on his own feet during the day of the U.A. entrance exam, though she did not even know him.

Ochaco is exceptionally astute and can understand people on an emphatic level. She can notice quickly when any one of her friends is distressed and then goes out of her way to make that person feel better.

Ochaco deeply cares for her classmates and always encourages them to do their best and is one of the strongest supporters of Izuku. 

On the flip side of her bubbly outlook, there is Ochaco’s determined and work-driven nature. Belonging to an underprivileged background, Ochaco is intimately familiar with life’s difficulties and knows that being a hero is also an economic profession apart from being a noble endeavor.

Ochaco has vowed to become a Pro Hero so that she can earn a stable income to support her family and provide better living conditions for her parents. Thus, apart from being positive and energetic, Ochaco is also focused and determined.

She is also able to stand on her own against the stronger members of her class and is a brave fighter. As the series progresses, she becomes more confident and better at controlling and using her powers.  

Ochaco Uraraka Abilities

Quirk: Ochaco’s quirk is reducing the power of gravity to zero by touching objects or people. Ochaco can touch people and cause them to levitate and fly off the ground. Ochaco often makes use of it to save her comrades from smashing face into the ground, she did it for Izuku during the entrance test, for instance.

She also makes offensive use of power to levitate weapons like shards or rocks and hurl them at their opponents. She also often makes herself levitate by touching the tips of her fingers one against another to launch into battle. As she is not brash or outwardly loud, Ochaco does not seem like a formidable opponent but her quirk coupled with her brave heart and calm mind makes her a threat to enemies. Ochaco displays her prowess even at the series’ beginning, as shown when she places 3rd in the U.A. High School entrance exam. 

Gunhead Martial Arts: This is a form of martial arts Ochaco learns while training under Gunhead. During her training, she learns the tricks of close combat and how to attack and bring down her opponents efficiently and quickly using her quirks. Her training causes changes to be made to her costume to accommodate her new style better.

Increased energy: Through her intense training as an aspirational Pro Hero, Ochaco develops enhanced vigor and strength, greatly benefiting her in long battles. 

High-level intellect: Ochaco can gauge her opponent’s strengths and weaknesses with exceptional accuracy, granting her an edge over them right from the beginning of the battle.

Ochaco Uraraka Super moves

Skill release: Ochaco can stop any object she caused to levitate by first pressing together her fingertips and then releasing them.

Meteor storm: When surrounded by a large amount of debris, Ochaco can cause it to levitate and send in a projectile at her opponents.

Meteor Fafrotskies: This is seen when Ochaco teams up with Tsuyu and the two throw more pieces of debris at enemies.

Comet Home Run: This is seen when Ochaco causes large objects like pillars to levitate and hurls them at opponents.

Ochaco Uraraka Equipment

Ochaco’s equipment includes her special Uraraka Helmet, Uraraka Wrists, Uraraka Neck, and Uraraka Leg, all objects that aid her fighting style and support her quirk. 

Ochaco Uraraka Trivia

  • Ochaco’s superhero name is Uravity, which is a spin on the word ‘gravity’ and includes the first half of her name ‘Uraraka.’
  • She has been described as having a distinct schoolgirl charm.
  • In the Japanese anime series, she is voiced by Ayane Sakura, and in the English dub by Luci Christian.
  • Ochaco is extremely fond of the dish, mochi.
  • In the official manga website, Ochaco’s name is spelled as ‘Ochako’ while in the anime it is spelled as ‘Ochaco.’
  • Her birthday is on the 27th of October.
  • Her blood type is B.

Ochaco Uraraka Gallery

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