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Tatsumaki: Superpowers, Personality & Fun Facts You Should Know

Tatsumaki is an incredible anime character with awesome superpowers and an incredible personality. In this post, we are going to look at Tatsumaki’s Superpowers, Personality & Fun Facts you should know.

Who is Tatsumaki?

Tatsumaki is a character in the hit Japanese anime series, One Punch Man, based on the manga series of the same name by ONE. Tatsumaki is an S-Class Rank 2 Pro Hero belonging to the Hero Association. She is widely regarded as one of the greatest heroes within the Hero Association. She has the powers of an esper, someone who is in possession of telepathic powers. She is Fubuki’s older sister; Fubuki, like her sister, is also an esper. Tatsumaki and Fubuki are together known as the Psychic Sisters. Tatsumaki’s superhero name is ‘Terrible Tornado.’ She is the tritagonist or the third most important character in One Punch Man.

Tatsumaki Voice Over Artists

In the Japanese One Punch Man anime series, Tatsumaki is voiced by Aoi Yuki, while in the English dub, the voice-over artist behind Tatsumaki is Marieve Harington.

Tatsumaki Appearance

Tatsumaki is a short and slim woman, with an overall petite appearance. She has bright, slanted green eyes and a small, pointy face. As a result of her youthful face, she is usually mistaken to be much younger than she really is. She has short green eyes that curl outwards at the end. Tatsumaki is usually shown to be wearing a slim black dress that has four long slits at the end and, thus, shows off her legs. She wears low-heeled black sandals. Tatsumaki wears no adornings or accessories.

Tatsumaki Personality

Tatsumaki is short-tempered, brazen, temperamental, and restless by nature. She offers no respect to people she deems incapable or impotent in doing their jobs. She has zero tolerance for insubordination and will physically retaliate against anyone who dares to speak against her. Tatsumaki despises being disregarded and called demeaning titles such as “little girl” or “brat.”

Her abrasive personality notwithstanding, Tatsumaki is extremely dedicated to her work and regards her job as a Professional Hero in the Hero’s Association as her paramount duty and is extremely dedicated to her position. As a result of this, she never refuses any of the Association’s requests to fight off any number of evil creatures.

As she is skilled and habitual to constant fighting, she starts feeling bored whenever she goes without battling for too long. Because of this, she looks to fight monsters in between assignments during her free time. The only person Tatsumaki shows a different side of herself is to her younger sister, Fubuki but even towards her, Tatsumaki tends to be dominating and fussy.

Tatsumaki is extremely self-assured about her skills and abilities. She has stated on multiple occasions that no one can match her strength or defeat her. Tatsumaki hates being reminded of the dark past of her childhood.

Tatsumaki SuperPowers

Tatsumaki is an S-Class Rank-2 Pro Hero and, thus, extraordinarily powerful. All her strengths and powers are listed below:

Supernatural Abilities

  1. Psychokinesis: Tatsumaki is the greatest esper in the series. In other words, her telepathic powers are second to none. At the peak of her strength, she can lift the entirety of the Hero’s Associations Headquarters while simultaneously defending other heroes nearby. Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man manga’s illustrator, is of the opinion that Tatsumaki can lift the whole of  Z City if she wished.
  2. Flight: Tatsumaki can make use of her telepathic and psychokinetic powers to levitate herself off the ground and fly over distances at a high speed.
  3. Psychic remote: Using her innate strength, she can exert control over TV channels.
  4. Psychic barrier: Tatsumaki is able to create protective and powerful shields as defensive tools against enemies using her telepathic abilities. She can create barriers so large that they can almost envelop the entire Z City. Moreover, she can add multiple layers to the shields to make them more powerful and withstand damage.

Physical Abilities

  1. Great speed and reflexes: Tatsumaki is endowed with exceptional physical faculties such as reflexes and speed. She is able to launch multiple defensive and offensive moves against several opponents to attack and protect as needed.
  2. Enhanced endurance: Tatsumaki is capable of carrying on fighting even in the face of great physical and mental duress. This is exemplified when she is able to shield the whole of Z City using her psychic barrier while suffering physical injuries from the battle against Psykos and Orochi.

Fighting Style

  • Expert Psychic Warrior: Tatsumaki is the most powerful esper in the series and has complete mastery over her psychic and telepathic powers. She is able to wield her skills for offense, defense, or other purposes with exceptional efficiency and timeliness. Tatsumaki, however, does not simply rely on the magnitude of her strength when fighting her opponents. She uses the environment and mental factors to her advantage to play with their mental states. This is shown when she clones herself to distract Psykos and uses that to attack his vulnerable point. This dynamism in her fighting abilities and strength makes Tatsumaki a formidable warrior and coupled with her super enduring capability, she makes for a powerful and reliable hero.

Tatsumaki Fun Facts

  • Tatsumaki’s likes include her sister and training on vast grounds and her dislikes include arrogant male heroes and being called a little girl.
  • Tatsumaki is exceedingly fond of candy apples and attends carnivals for the sole purpose of purchasing them in large quantities.
  • Tatsumaki is scared of ghosts because of a past incident that involved Saitama.
  • Tatskumaki appeared as a flying witch on the 2017 One Punch Man Halloween cover. In that cover, she is shown to be wearing a black pointy hat, orange jack-o-lantern patterned pants, and a scarf of orange color as well as long-length socks. She retains the black dress she usually wears.

Tatsumaki Quotes

“Mental strength is secondary. All you really need is overwhelming power.”

“Living your life has nothing to do with what others think.”

(To Sekingar) “Do not do anything that might put my sister at risk. If she ends up getting involved in the upcoming battle against the Monster Association, I’m coming after you.”

Tatsumaki Gallery

Official Netflix page for One Punch Man where you can catch Tatsumaki in action:

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