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Tsuyu Asui: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Battles, Superpowers [2020]

Is Tsuyu Asui your favorite anime character? In this post we will look at Tsuyu Asui’s Appearance, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Battles, Superpowers.

Who is Tsuyu Asui?

Tsuyu Asui is a female character appearing in the hit Japanese anime series, My Hero Academia. Tsuyu is a student in class 1-A at the U.A. High School, a prestigious institute that provides training to students to make them Pro Heroes.

Tsuyu is one of the main characters of the supporting class and one of the strongest female students in her class. She is one of Izuku Midoriya’s closest friends. Her quirk is called ‘frog.’

Tsuyu Asui Appearance

Tsuyu has a distinct frog-like appearance.

She has a broad mouth that dips a little in the middle, very similar to a frog’s. She has big eyes with enlarged black irises and extensive lower lashes.

Tsuyu possesses the physical attributes of a frog: she prefers to hop using all her four limbs instead of running on two legs like other people. She has deep green hair of long length, it reaches to her waist and is tied there in a neat bow.

Two shoulder-length bangs frame each side of Tsuyu’s face and she has short bangs shadowing her forehead.

During school hours, Tsuyu wears the standard U.A. uniform prescribed for female students: white shirt under a grey blazer paired with a red formal tie and deep turquoise skirt.

She also wears black socks just short of reaching her knees and brown dress shoes. Her superhero costume consists of light green full-bodysuit, dark yellow gloves, and buckled wrist guards.

The upper part of her costume is doubly strapped, once around her waist in the form of a belt and once just above her breasts with the strap also looping around each of her shoulders. She also wears black boots with dark green webbed flippers at the front and also wears a dark yellow headband and goggles wherein the goggles have green-tinted lenses.

Her winter suit is slightly altered, the patterns on her outfit are different and Tsuyu also employs two bubbles attached to a ring that she wears on her neck to regulate her body temperature during winters. This is because Tsuyu tends to hibernate if her body is exposed to cold settings for too long.

Tsuyu Asui Personality

Tsuyu has a relaxed, humorous, and overall well-balanced personality.

She is of moderate temperament and friendly, courageous nature. Having grown up taking care of two younger siblings, Tsuyu is adept at executing tasks while also being a caregiving and nurturing companion.

Recovery Girl has described Tsuyu as being exceptional emotional support. Tsuyu is a model student and fighter, capable of being level-headed in tough situations and thinking analytically. She has an honest and direct way of talking and does not mince her words.

When during the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion, her classmates wanted to go and save Bakugo even though they would be breaking rules, Tsuyu stopped them by saying that if they chose to do that, they would not be any above than villains.

Thus, she has a clear code of honor and also a strong sense of responsibility. However, Tsuyu too has her emotional limits and has been shown to display tears and anxieties in moments of helplessness and sadness. Still, she is a skillful fighter of prudent judgment and rock for her friends to rely on.

Tsuyu Asui Abilities

Enhanced physique: Because of having the physique and attributes of a frog, Tsuyu is a formidable force in aquatic environments, being able to move and maneuver her body in water with much more ease and efficiency that an average person could.

She also has great reflexes and reaction time and using her agile body, can quickly dodge attacks and surprise her opponents.

She is also skilled with powers of her frog-like tongue, capable of extending and withdrawing in seconds. After undergoing intense physical training, Tsuyu also develops great strength and stamina and begins to perform better in long-duration battles.

Her enhanced physique makes her capable of both combating enemies and rescuing innocent people. 

Intelligence: Tsuyu is smart and quick-witted, capable of maintaining her cool in dangerous situations.

This is shown during the U.S.J. Invasion even as her classmates are hysteric. She has great analytical skills and quickly worked out that Izuku and All Might’s quirks are similar. Because of her calm headedness, she was able to rescue her superiors at her internship when they were attacked at sea by criminals.

She takes her physical strengths and uses them to combat her opponents’ weaknesses and overpower them, making her a great fighter. Tsuyu is a commendable performer both individually and as a group member.

She can suggest effective ways to complement her quirk with her teammates’ and provides amazing combative and emotional support in times of need. She did this for Tokoyami during the final practical exam.

Tsuyu is also an intelligent student, academically speaking, and secured the 6th rank in the mid-term exams.

Tsuyu Asui Quirk

Frog: With a frog-like body, Tsuyu can do all the kinds of actions and feats that a frog can:

  • She can swallow and disgorge objects at will.
  • She can perform camouflage.
  • She can stretch her tongue up to 20 meters and additionally, wrap it around people.
  • She can perform long jumps.
  • She can discharge mucous to effects like paralysis, itch-causing, scent masking. 

Because of her quirk, Tsuyu cannot stay in low temperatures for long or she will go into hibernation.

Tsuyu Asui Special Moves

Meteor Fatfrotskies: Tsuyu collaborates with Ochaco to attack their enemies with rubble.

Camouflage: Tsuyu can use her frog-like physicality to merge into her surroundings’ color and temperature.

Tsuyu Asui Trivia

  • Tsuyu’s favorite thing to eat is jelly.
  • She loves the rainy season, which is incidentally the meaning of Tsuyu’s kanji name when translated.
  • Tsuyu was originally designed to be a male character but was made into a girl because of the lack of female characters. 
  • Tsuyu’s last name contains the kanji words for “puff” and “frog.”
  • Her birthday is on February 12.
  • She is voiced in the Japanese anime series by Aoi Yuki, and in the English dub by Monica Rial.
  • She was originally designed to be more silent and quiet.
  • Her blood type is B.

Tsuyu Asui Gallery

Official Handle to Watch Tsuyu Asui

My Hero Academia can be watched on several online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, Amazon, Crunchyroll, MyHeroAcademiaEpisodes, etc.

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